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“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste the experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer or richer experience”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Throughout our life, we are constantly reminded to “live life to the fullest” but what exactly does living life to the fullest really mean? Everyone has different interpretations about what they think life really is and what it means. Me? I think living life to the fullest simply means taking advantage of opportunities, experiencing everything life has to offer you, taking the good with the bad, and overcoming obstacles. I see so many people in person and on social media who will complain and complain about their life but not do anything to fix it. I believe everyone goes through shit, it’s a part of the process but it’s how you handle that shit that differentiates you from others.

My biggest fear when I left home was not exactly missing out on things but not being there when something happened, both good and bad. When I was deployed the first time I felt I had missed out on so much even though I was only gone for about a year. To name a few things: my grandmother passed away, my best friend had a baby and got married, and my sissy graduated from college. When I accepted my contract, I knew I would miss out on life back home again but I wanted to stay as positive as I could and experience life in my own way here in Kuwait.

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Last Sunday was the anniversary of not only my grandmothers death but the death of Jenny, a beautiful young girl who passed away in front of my co-workers and I five years ago. I reflected on the lives of both of these beautiful women on Sunday and I tried to stay positive but to say Sunday was an easy day for me would be lying. Last night, my old boss sent me a message telling me a good friend of mine had passed away. I was in shock because I couldn’t believe someone I love and care about, someone so young, and a person so genuine was gone. About an hour later, one of my first crossfit coaches posted a video online stating she has stage four terminal cancer and I couldn’t help but cry about both situations. I went up to the roof of my friends building and just sat there in shock about this entire week. I couldn’t help feeling sorry for myself for a few minutes until I slapped reality back into myself and realized I could be going through way worse shit, life could be way worse for me. After I was done feeling sorry for myself, I immediately started reminising on all my memories with both Brandon and Susan. Brandon was part of my “dragon room family,” we were a tight knit group. He used to come into ibar on Tuesdays with his girlfriend and he would always tell everyone he taught me how to bartend, he took care of me on SO MANY occasions when I was younger and completely blacked out downtown, he would listen to me vent about boys and every other problem I had, I have so many hilarious, amazing memories with him. Susan was one of my first crossfit coaches, she is one of the people who founded Crossfit Arifjan. Susan came to my very first competition in Kuwait, she flew out from Hawaii to Orlando for my first big competition in Orlando, I’ve always called her my “wodmama” because she is not only someone I look up to but someone I can call a mentor and friend. Honestly, I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry when I found out about Brandon’s passing and Susan’s diagnosis. Sometimes you have to, you know? The last week has been rough for me mentally but you can’t change life or God’s plan for you. I ask everyone to please pray for both Brandon’s family and friends and Susan and her family and friends as well.

The last week has really made me appreciate everything life has to offer. Like I said earlier, everyone goes through shit. We can either sit around and feel sorry for ourselves or we can embrace the shit life throws at us and overcome. We take life for granted in so many ways and it’s really sad it takes an eye opening situation in our lives to really make us appreciate it. Experience life, appreciate it, soak it in and reflect not on the things going wrong in your life but the things going right because there is always someone who has it way worse than you. If you’re fighting with someone you love and care about, tell them you’re sorry because tomorrow isn’t promised and it’s not worth holding a grudge over something small when you compare it to the big picture we call life. If you want to do something outlandish or insane but you’re scared what others will think, do it because this is your life and you need to do what makes you happy, not what you think others will approve of. Appreciate the positive things in life so you have the strength to get through the hard times and enjoy every moment of your life, good and bad. Until my next post, inshalla.

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  1. Again, Tia, an amazing job of putting thoughts into words! Please keep adding to this blog, we LOVE it!! #HugsFromAZ

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