A Canadian, A Venezuelan, and 3 Americans walk into a bar…. 

“Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.”

– Tina Fey

IMG_0640 I haven’t been one to really celebrate my birthday the last few years. I’ve either been playing Army somewhere around the world or everyone is too busy to celebrate. I also used to have this weird belief that my birthday brought bad luck because I was always getting in trouble or something bad happened right around the week of my birthday so I just didn’t really celebrate. When the New Year started, I decided I would stay positive this entire year no matter what happened so naturally I had to celebrate my birthday in some sort of unforgettable way. I took a holiday the day after my birthday originally, so I could go to the gym and get my life together before the actual weekend started but that didn’t exactly happen… When I woke up, I started texting my friend Mari and she invited me last minute to Dubai so I thought why not? I’ve never been to Dubai and it’s only an hour and a half flight plus alcohol is legal, it really didn’t take much convincing to buy my ticket. Instead of taking a cab to the gym, I laid in bed for an hour and a half searching for the right flight to Dubai with the help of Mari. Once the flight was booked, I frantically took a cab to the mall in search for the “Miami club outfit” Mari told me to get because we had a table at one of the clubs out there. Honestly, I had no idea what a “Miami club outfit” even was because in Orlando I can wear a cute top, jeans and heels to the club but I guess in Miami you can’t which I didn’t find out until after I left the mall with no club outfit. Ooops. Once I found out and I had no time to go back and find an outfit, my friends just told me to bring “everything sexy in my closet” but I think they forgot I wear jeans and a collared shirt to work so I had one pair of heels, one dress and that’s about all the sexy my closet owns. The only suitcase I have is this huge Army suitcase that’s meant for at least a week vacation so I threw all my luggage in my high school back pack, a black jansport that still says Tia Nicole in whiteout on the pocket (just in case I ever got lost) and called a cab to head out to Dubai.

I have to give myself a pat on the back because I always mess shit up when I travel somewhere, I actually did mess up my flight booking coming home but we will get to that later. I was just really proud of myself for making it to Dubai, on time, in one piece, with all my luggage and no issues getting my visa. Once I made it to the hotel and reunited with my friends, we headed out to the Dubai Mall which was huge and I think if I ever lived in Dubai, I would hate it as much as I hate the Avenues Mall because there are way too many tourists and way too many people but it was cool to visit for the first time. The restaurant we ate at had view of the Burj Khalifa, also known as the tallest building in the world, and this awesome fountain show similar to the one they do in Vegas outside of the Bellagio hotel (assuming most of you have been to Las Vegas). After getting extremely lost in the mall, we found our way to the Metro train station and went home to get ready for the club. Rick Ross ended up performing at the club we were at, we had a table, and I was surrounded by my beautiful friends; I had a fucking blast and of course, you can’t finish a drunk night out at the club until you make your cab driver stop at McDonald’s before taking you home.

I woke up Friday and I really wasn’t that hungover until we went to eat lunch and we sat outside. We went to this little Venezuelan place and if I could remember the name I would tell you all to not eat there. The food was alright but the service was at best, mediocre. I’m biased though, they spilled an entire sugary drink on my friend and instead of taking her meal off of the bill they wanted to pay for her clothes to be dry cleaned. This was just the beginning of a very interesting day for us. Later that day we decided to take the Metro to one of the Souq’s in Dubai until I got kicked off the Metro for chewing gum and fined. It was probably the most expensive piece of gum I have ever paid for and if I had some bubbalicious bubble gum I would have so blown a bubble in their face after paying my fine. If you go to Dubai, don’t chew gum and Metro and don’t laugh either! Apparently, my friends and I were a public disturbance because we were laughing but don’t worry not everyone in Dubai is that way! We decided to taxi the rest of the time we were there and ended up at some sick little club/restaurant place on the water next to the Burj Al Arab where I kept drinking even though I had to flight to catch at 225 AM. I live in a country where alcohol is illegal, go big or go home right? I parted with my friends around 11ish, took a cab back to the hotel and packed up my “luggage” and headed downstairs to the hotel bar because another drink never hurt anyone right? After having a conversation with someone in Spanish (broken Spanish for me lol), yes you read that right, I decided I should probably head to the airport and I’m glad I did because I actually didn’t have a flight that night. I accidentally booked a flight for the next day, if you know me it’s not very surprising, I always mess something up but I fixed it and I managed to get the same flight back home and it was cheaper!


So that about sums up my 36 hours or whatever in Dubai! Spontaneous trips are the best and if you’re traveling with a group of laid back, fun girls like I did, your trip will be nothing short of amazing! Did I learn anything? Duh! Don’t chew gum and metro, Danica makes the best fake girlfriend when someone is hitting on you, and always over pack just in case one of the servers decides they can’t hold a tray right. I always have a blast on the weekends in Kuwait but sometimes you miss being an adult and going out and drinking legally, being able to spontaneously take a trip to Dubai was exactly what I needed. If you guys are feeling under the weather or you’re just tired of the same old scenery, take a trip to a different city or even a different state or country if you can afford it. It was amazing to relax and enjoy my birthday with amazing friends in an amazing country, I have never felt more blessed than I do right now in this moment. Until my next post, inshalla.

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