What to do in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city in Spain and the largest city in the Catalonia. This exciting city offers everything from amazing culture to beaches to nightlife and it can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. We spent about four days in Barcelona exploring and adventuring this majestic city, whether you love to party or just immerse yourself in culture- there’s something magical for every one when you wander the streets. These are my must see things to do whilst visiting Barcelona!

12. Visit Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta Beach is home to the infamous W Hotel, many bars and clubs and the only casino in Barcelona! We explored the beach for a day, then hit up the clubs and casino afterwards. Make sure to have your passports readily available if you plan on visiting the casino!

11. Walk around the city

Our hotel was located near the Sagrada Família, which is about twenty minutes away from the Gothic Quarter. We’d set out on foot, when we got tired we’d stop in either a hotel rooftop bar or a little tapas bar and grab a drink before we kept going. Trust me, the best way to explore any city is on foot!

10. Visit Sagrada Família

One of the most famous pieces of architecture by Antonio Gaudí and it’s not even done yet! Over 140 years of construction has transpired since Gaudí first became involved with this project and once completed, will be the tallest church building in the world. If you plan on visiting, the best thing to do is buy your tickets online from either the Sagrada Família tourist website or one of the other smaller companies such as get your guide. Tickets range from €17 to about €66, depending on the package or ticket type you get. I personally think any ticket with the audio guide is worth the money!

9. Visit Caso Batlló

Caso Batlló was another one of Gaudi’s famous works of art, built between 1904-1906. The house now belongs to a Barcelona family. The entire house alludes to the marine world, the house has sea shapes representing the waves of a stormy water throughout. There are three different packages you can purchase before visiting, all of them include a guided audio tour but we chose the gold package for 39€ because it included an extra VIP room and a free photo. My advice is to book your tickets online because it’s 4€ cheaper and go early in the morning. We went around 1230 and it was packed!

8. Visit Palau de la Música orefeó Catala

Also known as the Palace of Catala Music in English. The concert hall was built by Lluís Domènech i Montaner, a Catalán architect that drew all of the shapes and designs in the concert hall himself. This beautiful concert hall became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1977 and fits 2138 people total. I’d recommend going on a guided tour, it’s 20€ and the only way you can see the famous balcony with the flowered columns. The tour itself is about one hour long but completely worth it, you learn a ton of great information and you get to hear what the concert hall sounds like during a real concert.

7. Hangout in El Born

This cute, trendy neighborhood is located between Gothic Quarter and the Ciutadella Park. There are a ton of cute stores and tapas bars that will keep you occupied for hours! It’s definitely a must see and not nearly as busy as the Gothic Quarter!

6. Visit the Cathedral

The Barcelona Cathedral is hands down one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in the city of Barcelona. Also known as the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, this beautiful piece of art is a great example of early Catalan Gothic architecture. To enter the actual church, it’s actual free however if you’d like to visit other places whilst inside then you must buy tickets. It’s 3€ to visit the choir, the temple or the terrace and 7€ to visit the temple, cloister, choir, terraces, chapel, and Sala Capitular museum. My recommendation is to get there early, around 0830 and purchase the 7€ package!

5. Walk around Gothic Quarter

Hands down one of the cutest areas in Barcelona filled with so many cute bars, clubs and Catalan restaurants! We got here EARLY because the medieval streets are so tiny so once it gets packed, it gets packed.

4. Go see El Món Neix en Cada Besada

This mural is a hidden gem located literally two minutes from the Barcelona Cathedral. A work of Joan Foncuberta, the mural consists of around 4000 pictures printed on ceramic tiles. The best part is, it’s absolutely FREE to visit! I think you can go here anytime, we went mid-afternoon and managed to get a few shots with no one in them.

3. Have a drink at Cotton House Hotel

Easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing hotels in Barcelona, their cute bar is open to the public. The hotel is located in the historic centre of Barcelona, about a twenty minute walk to Gothic Quarter.

2. Relax in Parc de la Ciutadella

Whether you want to have a picnic with friends or just relax and listen to the sound of nature, Ciutadella Park is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. On the grounds of the park, there’s the zoo, the Catalan Parliment and the Museu d’Art Modern. The park is huge and there’s so much green, it’s peaceful. If you’re feeling worn out, this is a great spot to relax before taking on the city again! The best part is the park is free to visit!

1. Take a photo at Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona

Literally a one minute walk from Parc de la Ciutadella, this masterful piece of architecture was built by architect Josep Vilaseca. Taking a photo is completely free and if you get up close and personal, you can admire all the details of the Arc.

There were a lot of things I wanted to do whilst visiting Barcelona, but was unable to do. We were only there for four days so some things we missed that I’d love to go back and do are hike to Bunkers el Carmel at sunset or sunrise for a majestic view of the city, visit Park Güell, watch a Flamenco show, and eat in Las Ramblas! Barcelona is a city filled with something for every type of traveler! My tips for visiting this city are to buy tickets ahead of time, keep your belongings close because YES people pick pocket often there (Cole’s passport was stolen), and keep an open mind! There’s so much to see and do in Barcelona, everything we did was so random especially because we mostly walked around the city versus taking a cab. Overall, Barcelona is a must-see when visiting Spain and I hope this post helps you plan your trip there. Until my next post, Inshalla.

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You make a lovely tour guide! I am glad you are getting to see such wonderful parts of the world, thank you for sharing them with all of us. Much love, Grandma Kitty. ^..^.

Barcelona is one of our favourite cities! One of our top recommendations is always the Palace of Catala Music…it’s such a beautiful building! We completely missed El Món Neix en Cada Besada though! We’ll add it to the list for our next visit. Thanks for the great guide!

Hannah |

Your photos are incredible, can’t believe you managed to lose all the people. Barcelona was a great city, you captured some of the best things to do there including some I need to put on my list for next time

You captured Barcelona beautifully! I have always wanted to visit especially as I have family there that I can stay with. I would love to wander the city with all the pretty architecture! 😁

For me Barcelona was just ok. I visited 8 or 9 years ago I think. But I am the type of person that prefers Madrid ahaha. I always said I would give Barcelona one more try, so maybe it’s time to. Good tips thought. The Gothic quarter was one of my favorite places.

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