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Adios 2019!

My 2019 self-reflection post, my goals for 2020, what I accomplished and what I didn’t accomplish in 2019. What are your goals for the upcoming year?

“We can find a new hope every new day and every New Year”

-Lailah Gifty Akita

Like many people around this time of the year, I like to look back and reflect on my successes, my setbacks and set my goals for the upcoming year. 2019 started off with a hike to Adam’s Peak in Sabaragamuwa, Sri Lanka. Walking up over 5000 steps at an incline is by far the most challenging hike I’ve ever completed and I went through a whirlwind of emotions whilst hiking but the reward when we got to the top was priceless. 2019 was a huge roller coaster for me and I learned a lot about myself. Much like that hike, I had a whirlwind of emotions and a hell of a year. Looking forward into 2020, I won’t necessarily be the basic bitch and quote “new year, new me” but I’ll say I’m going into the new year with a “new year, stronger me” mindset. 2019 was a year of growth and I plan on executing my goals in the upcoming new year.

Am I satisfied?

I set nineteen goals for the year of 2019, yet I accomplished only a portion of them. Am I upset? Absolutely not. I’m ending the year happier and healthier than I started the year. The first part of the year was hard, things started off rocky and gradually got better for me. I worked on two contracts this year where I was not happy, I fought for my current job and I feel blessed because I’ve prayed for a contract with leadership who takes care of me. My anxiety was so bad, I had to stop coaching girls in the city and I stopped drinking caffeine altogether. I lost people close to me whom I’d never think would not be in my life. Honestly, I could sit back and write a book about everything that happened this year but everything that happened is a lesson in disguise. Be grateful for the year you’ve had because there’s always someone who had it worse than you, as they say- “count your blessings.” All of the trials and tribulations of this year were stepping stones meant to guide us on the right path. It may have been a hell of a year but I’m ending the year with income, my health, great friends and family, and my education and that is satisfying enough for me.

My Goals for 2020

Instead of calling them new years resolutions, let’s just make it simple and set goals. No time stamp or anxiety of only having twelve months to accomplish something. Writing out your goals can help you stay focused and motivated throughout the year but you don’t HAVE to accomplish them by January 2021. Society sets this standard for us that we need to set a new years resolution and we need to follow through with it but life happens and we can’t predict the future. Instead of a yearly resolution, create some goals and follow up with them monthly. My goals for next year are the following:

  1. Graduate from Florida State University with my Master’s Degree

  2. Stay consistent on my blog and social media

  3. Buy a house in my hometown

  4. Pay off my debt

  5. Save, Save, Save!   

  6. Do at least one kind thing for someone every day 

  7. Be more aware of other people’s feelings and think before I speak

Seven goals I can work towards throughout the year but if I don’t accomplish them by next year, who cares? My overall goal for life is to be better than I was in the previous years. Ask yourself, “what can I do to make myself a better me?” and you’ll be surprised with how many things you come up with because we can always be better humans.

Overall Reflection

Twelve months have gone and flown by, it’s crazy how fast 365 days can just fly. I reflected on the good and the bad of the year, I’m satisfied yet hungry to be better than I was this year.

I hit some major milestones in my life this year to include:

  1. Traveling to three new countries: Sri Lanka, India, and Spain
  2. Getting accepted and enrolling in FSU’s MSIT program
  3. Landing an awesome new job
  4. Being more consistent on my blog than I was any other year and gaining over 100 new subscribers (TY GUYS SO MUCH, ILY)

I had some major downfalls as well: 

  1. I wasn’t very consistent in the gym
  2. I didn’t pay off my Credit Card debt and actually racked up more.
  3. I am single. I went through a major break-up and even though our relationship was damn near perfect, we want different things in life at the moment and that’s perfectly okay.
  4. I haven’t learned how to take control of my feelings. When I’m upset, I take it out on people I love the most and that is not okay.
  5. Getting out of the “I’m always right” mindset is hard. Learning to listen to others when they offer advice or acknowledge when I’m wrong is hard but I’m working on it.
  6. Making everything about me. Something I tend to do often is talk about myself, a lot. I didn’t even realize it until people started pointing it out. They’ll vent to me about an issue and I’ll turn it into something about me which is not okay and I’m going to work on this.
  7. I’m impatient, period. Patience is a virtue but it’s not my virtue, I struggle with this.

Acknowledge the good, the bad, and the ugly and you’ll likely grow as a person. Understanding most things are temporary and you’ll get past it, knowing “nothing lasts forever” and cherishing every single moment both good and bad are all things that can help us begin the new year with a positive, healthy mindset. Whether you want to write it out, talk it out, or just meditate about it- take some time to reflect on the year you’ve had and it will give you clarity. What kind of person do you want to be? What do you want to accomplish in 2020?

For those I’ve hurt, I’m sorry. For those I’ve lost, just know if I’ve ever had love for you and you need me- I’ll be there. For those who’ve passed, you are not forgotten. For those going through something, I’m here for you. For those I don’t speak with everyday, I love you.

I set my goals for the upcoming year, let’s go 2020 because I’m ready for you. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and until my next post, inshalla.

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