Jack Daniels and Thai Hookers: Bahrain

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.”

-Frank Sinatra

This past week I got to do my first and hopefully last visa run. It sounds amazing right? Free flight, free hotel room, AND you’re getting paid! Honestly, I think it sounded way better before I abused the amount of alcohol I drank and spent an entire day in bed recovering…. But we’ll get to that later. Most of you are probably thinking.. What exactly is a visa run? Essentially, it’s a trip most people have to take in order to extend the amount of days they can stay in a country. So when I first got to Kuwait, I was given a temporary visa at the airport. Temporary visas are only good through the first 90 days so within those 90 days we have to leave the country for 48 hours. We can do whatever we want within those 48 hours, legally of course, as long as we make it back onto our flight home. Some companies send their employees to Dubai, my company sent us to Bahrain; they were smart.

Bahrain is very westernized compared to Kuwait. Westernized meaning, it’s more like the United States; you’ll see gay couples holding hands, tattoos are more accepted, and there aren’t as many people who are covered up. Bahrain is known as the middle ground between Kuwait and Dubai, at least that’s what I’m told because I’ve never been to Dubai. Bahrain is tiny, it’s about the size of Washington D.C tripled and there’s really not anything interesting to do there unless you’re drinking or gambling. The nickname for Bahrain is “Sin City of the Middle East” because I guess this is where people come to meet Thai hookers, drink whiskey and not remember it the next day.

My week went a little something like this:

IMG_6058  IMG_6067   IMG_6090

Monday– I slept for about an hour on Sunday night because I was doing laundry, cleaning my room, on social media, and not packing for my trip. I woke up at about 0400, thirty minutes before I had to be downstairs, packed my suitcase and headed downstairs. Once we finally arrived to the airport and checked in, we had about 2 1/2 hours to spare before our flight actually took off so I got something to eat and grabbed a coffee for everyones sanity because I am not a morning person. Arriving in Bahrain, we had to spend about $70 on a Bahrain visa so we could get into the country and they stamped our passport which was really all I was excited about anyways. Once we got our visas, a small group and I got picked up by a friend of a friend and he took us to his house so we could grab our rental car. His house was probably one of the nicest houses I have ever stepped foot in; the view of the ocean from his pool, the layout of the house, the fully stocked bar, it was all very impressive. After we grabbed the rental, we ate breakfast at a little restaurant called the Dome and then we checked into our hotel rooms. Honestly, I was pretty boring the first day there because I was so tired that I knocked out until almost 10pm. When I woke up, I just went to eat at an Indian restaurant downstairs in the hotel and went to a bar with some friends for one drink then went back to bed.


Tuesday– Tuesday was definitely more exciting. I visited the Bahrain financial district with one of my contracting buddies, went shopping at one of the Souqs and I ate at a Persian restaurant in a little place called American Alley. American Alley is one of those streets that were meant to be an entire street of American chain restaurants but let’s be real, that didn’t last very long. So now it’s still called American Alley but it has all types of businesses along the street. Tuesday night was when things got interesting… A group of us got together at a place called K Lounge where we started the night celebrating a friends birthday. It’s also where we started with tequila shots and where I started chasing the tequila shots with my jack and coke. We ventured off to some club where we continued to take tequila shots and I continued to chase them with my jack and cokes and eventually, I really can’t tell you what happened at the end of the night. All I know is that we were at a club and there were a lot of Thai prostitutes present, I thought I could dougie, and the best part is, not only did I FaceTime my mother but I also FaceTimed my baby brother. So there’s Tuesday for you; lots of alcohol, lots of dancing, I definitely had fun, even if I can’t remember most of it.

Wednesday– Wednesday was one of those days that I told myself I would never drink again. I felt like my head was going to explode out of my body, I still couldn’t stand up straight and even looking at social media made me dizzy. I spent all day in bed because I was so hungover. I’m honestly pretty sure I gave myself alcohol poisoning but it’s okay because I had fun, right? Just kidding, don’t kill me mom and dad… I was actually supposed to leave on Wednesday but I was the only person out of everyone sent on this visa run that didn’t have a visa yet so by the grace of God and Kuwait, I got to stay in bed.

Thursday– By Thursday, I was so ready to leave Bahrain. I missed my friends, I missed working out and I was tired of being hungover. I left Bahrain around 4:30pm and when I arrived in Kuwait finally, I was just ready to workout and detox. A guy met me at my gate with my new work visa in hand and walked me through customs. After I passed customs, I was met by someone from my company who took my passport and my visa and drove me back to my flat.


I can’t complain too much about the trip since I was flown here for free and stayed in a free hotel room. It’s cool to see how different these countries are from each other even though they all follow the same religion. The best part about the entire trip was experiencing another country in the Middle East. Bahrain was fun and although it was more Westernized than Kuwait, it was still eye opening. Instead of complaining about the little things, realize that there are people in other countries who are slaving away for the opportunity of freedom or even to feed their families. Until my next post, inshalla.